Mopar working in Orion


Download PQN Mopar 4 V1.0 (3.0 Mo) -> 4 voices of polyphony

Download PQN Mopar 8 V1.0 (3.0 Mo) -> 8 voices of polyphony

Mopar combines a phase distorsion oscillator whith a soundfont oscillator to produce cool pads or more...

Mopar has been made with SynthEdit.

Osc1 has 8 waveforms (saw, square, pulse, double sine, saw-pulse, reso 1, reso 2 and reso3). These are the waveforms you obtain when the modulation level is at its maximum. At its minimum, the oscillator produce a sine wave. The modulation level can be modulated by a filter and by the LFO.
Osc2 has 6 waveforms (choir, brass, accordion, organ, dream and strings).
The 2 oscillators share the same amplitude envelope (ADSR). You can adjust the volume of each oscillator separatly.
You can also adjust the master volume and the bender range (from 1 to 12 semitones) and the portamento time.
Mopar has a polyphony of 4 or 8 voices, receive midi data on channels 1 to 16, , has pitchbend and velocity sensitivity, Mopar responds also to those midi CC :
  • CC01 : raise the Modulation level
Mopar comes with 16 cool internal presets. These presets are also available as a standard VST bank file : "Mopar bank 0.fxb" (in the zip file with the dll).

History of Mopar

15/06/2003 : PQN AUDIO Mopar V1.0 now available in 2 flavors : 4 or 8 voices of polyphony

The 4 voices version has been introduced to reduce CPU usage.

17/05/2003 : PQN AUDIO Mopar V1.0 is born !

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