Gatemask in Tracktion

PQN AUDIO Gatemask

Download PQN Gatemask V1.0 (196 Ko)

Gatemask mute portions of the audio signal contained in a measure of a track, or a whole song...

Gatemask chop a measure (of an audio clip, a track or a whole song) in 32 pieces (called slices).
You can adjust the volume of each slice individually. The best results are obtained when you completly mute some of the slices.
Gatemask can follow tempo or time signature changes.
Gatemask comes with 16 cool internal presets, and space for 16 user presets.
Gatemask has been tested in Tracktion for witch it has been originatly developped : one cool Tracktion feature is that you can apply a VST effect directly on any audio clip of a track (not only on insert or send slots).
You can download a Tracktion demo song here (100 Ko).
Gatemask works in Orion in SONG mode (don't use it in PATTERN mode) but the GUI udpdate don't work properly in some case when you select a new preset.
WARNING : your sequencer must be playing ! If it's stopped, Gatemask can produced weird noises depending on where it's stopped.

History of Gatemask

18/04/2005 : PQN AUDIO Gatemask V1.0 is born !

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