Cooly working in Orion


Download PQN Cooly 4 V1.2 (3.3 Mo) -> 4 voices of polyphony

Download PQN Cooly 8 V1.2 (3.3 Mo) -> 8 voices of polyphony

Cooly combines a classic analog style oscillator whith a soundfont oscillator to produce cool pads or more...

Cooly has been made with SynthEdit.

Osc1 has 7 waveforms (sin, saw, ramp, triangle, pulse, white noise et pink noise), is connected to a 4 poles Lowpass filter with resonance. You can adjust the cutoff frequency and the resonance amount. The cutoff frequency can also be modulated by an LFO. You can adjust the LFO rate and amount. The LFO stays in sync with the host application.
The filter has a dedicated envelope (ADSR). You can adjust the amount of the envelope that goes to the filter.
Osc2 has 6 waveforms (attack, brass, organ, string, analog, perc).
The 2 oscillators share the same amplitude envelope (ADSR). You can adjust the volume of each oscillator separatly.
You can also adjust the master volume and the bender range (from 1 to 12 semitones).
Cooly has a polyphony of 4 or 8 voices, receive midi data on channels 1 to 16, , has pitchbend, velocity and aftertouch sensitivity (the aftertouch changes the filter cutoff frequency), Cooly responds also to those midi CC :
  • CC01 : raise the LFO amount
  • CC07 : raise the master volume
  • CC71 : raise the filter resonance
  • CC74 : raise the filter cutoff frequency
Cooly comes with 16 cool internal presets. These presets are also available as a standard VST bank file : "Cooly bank 0.fxb" (in the zip file with the dll). You will find an extra 16 presets bank : "Cooly bank 1.fxb" in the zip file.

History of Cooly

15/06/2003 : PQN AUDIO Cooly V1.2 now available in 2 flavors : 4 or 8 voices of polyphony

The 4 voices version has been introduced to reduce CPU usage.

11/05/2003 : PQN AUDIO Cooly V1.2

Smoother sound.
GUI improved.

17/04/2003 : PQN AUDIO Cooly V1.1b

Fix a bug : program change and midi CC work now on every channel (before : only channel 1).
The default bank (internal presets) is now in the zip file under the name "Cooly bank 0.fxb" : it allows you to revert to the default bank when you have loaded the extra bank "Cooly bank 1.fxb".
The purpose of CC71 and CC74 has been inverted (CC71 -> resonance, CC74 -> cutoff frequency).

14/04/2003 : PQN AUDIO Cooly V1.1

Filter envelope added, new 16 presets bank !

03/04/2003 : PQN AUDIO Cooly V1.0 is born !

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